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My name is Radha and my vision is to support every midwife to have a second chance at the career she dreamed of before she qualified. To help every midwife find the confidence to sparkle, embrace her autonomy and retune her intuition. 

Midwife Sparkle Method -
1:1 Coaching Programme

My signature 1:1 programme is for you if you’re ready to take the next step towards:

  • Feeling comfortable in your own skin
  • Thriving under pressure 

  • Stopping worrying what other people think of you

  • Stopping needing validation from others that you are doing well or are good

  • Being able to switch off at night and stop over thinking things

  • Enjoying healthy work/life boundaries

  • Feeling calm, in control and self-assured 

  • stopping self- doubt and negative self- talk

  • releasing negative emotions and start to look forward to a future of clarity,
    focus and positivity 

  • falling in love all over again with midwifery and finding the joy in your life

Sessions are 1 hour per week held virtually over Zoom. There are also short
self directed reflective activities for you to complete in between session to help you consolidate your progress.


Your investment for the 1:1 programme is £795, a monthly instalment plan (plus admin fee) of either 3 x £280 or 4 x £210 is also available on request.  

Book a call with me at the link below to see if we’re a good fit to work together and start your journey back to your Midwife Sparkle today! 



Midwife Sparkle Method-
1 day group Workshop

A 1 day group workshop on managing your emotional health in midwifery to reduce stress, anxiety and burnout.

A 5 hour interactive group workshop held either in person or virtually, ideal for midwifery teams or universities with the focus on reducing stress, anxiety and burnout in midwifery and beyond.


The workshop is engaging and practical with a mix of teaching, coaching and small group work to optimise learning. Ideal for groups of up to 40 attendees. 


Covering 4 key topics throughout the day, which all work together for optimal emotional health:

  • Resilience – encouraging ‘bounce back ability’ and focusing on personal influence and control

  • high self esteem and confidence – sharing innovation and developing courage and self compassion.

  • healthy mind: body connection – Using positive affirmations and visualisations to reduce stress, anxiety and fear

  • Understanding personal triggers, thought patterns and beliefs – Being proactive, self aware and keeping perspective under pressure

Your investment for the group workshop is £1,995 (day rate). Smaller group bookings on a pay per person basis can also be accommodated.


SPECIAL OFFER – 25% off day rate workshops booked during September, so only £1,500 for up to 40 participants. That’s less than £40 per person!!! 


Enquire below for availability and to discuss specific requirements.

How it all began....

I had been a midwife for 3 years when I found out I was pregnant in 2016, so I felt fully prepared for birth and motherhood (or so I thought). Unfortunately, my birth experience resulted in crippling postnatal anxiety and PTDS. This impacted me massively on a personal level and made my return to work when my son was 10 months old incredibly challenging.  

Outwardly I was talking the talk and walking the walk (my background in performing arts served me well here!) but inwardly I was anxious, triggered on an almost daily basis and could not get away from the things which were triggering me the most – pregnancy and giving birth! I felt like a fraud. 

It took me 18 months to realise that my feelings were not going away.  It was quite a journey, but I am proof that there is a way to rediscover your passion, inner resilience and sky rocket your self-esteem. 

In spring 2020 whilst the world was in lockdown due to covid-19 I found my true emotional freedom! Qualifying as a certified emotional health coach and developing my 8 week coaching programme released me from so many negative beliefs, thinking styles and habits which were keeping me stuck in the past and preventing me from being the mother, Midwife and woman I wanted to be. 

I’ve worked in a variety of maternity settings over the last decade, striving to support women and birthing people and midwives to reach their potential and fulfil their dreams. After seeing it from both sides – being the new mother and the midwife trying to keep it all together, despite overwhelming emotional health issues, I am honoured I get to illuminate the way for others to experience their very own life changing transformation.  

Interesting facts about me

I am a proud member of Progress Theatre.  We’re a group of (mostly) midwives who use performance and workshops to explore familiar situations from the world of midwifery to inspire honest discussions, personal reflection and positive cultural change. 

I am an avid menstrual cycle charter and moonologist.  Living and working cyclically allows me to be more productive, creative and aware of my body and it’s own rhythm. It’s really changed my life!

I couldn’t live without Tea – I like it really strong too!

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